Economic Electric Heating

Energy Efficient Electric Heating Solutions supplied across Scotland and Islands  from  Elgin & Glasgow

Cosy Heating With Low Running Costs

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Economic Electric Heating

Hello and a warm welcome to our website.

 We have been supplying economic electric heating solutions across Scotland for eight years. Our heaters are probably the most efficient electric heating currently available anywhere. We look forward to helping you with your heating  needs

Chamotte clay core heaters available in ANY colour

Far infrared Heater is the picture on the wall

So what do you need for economic electric heating?

1) Lower power consumption:- Our heaters use radiant heat as the main way of heating a room. Unlike convected heat (warm air) which rises to the ceiling, more heat is retained where you want it more>

2) Controllability:-  High  end  thermostatic controls give you complete control over your heating units to ensure you only use electricity when required more>

3) Tariff:- Ensure you are on the best possible rate for your needs. Changing supplier or tariff can save you 10-20% of your yearly energy costs more>

We specialise in German Chamotte clay core heaters and Far Infrared heaters, which both can  give an uncompromising quality of heat at lower cost than other outdated electric heating and even traditional gas, oil or LPG systems. Flexibility on fixing options also gives you more control over your furniture arrangements, vital with smaller room sizes. Limitless options on colours gives even more choices.

Hundreds of Happy Customers across Scotland